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Managed IT Services

Uncertainty is a business killer. To be successful, companies must plan expenses and know that vital business systems will work as needed. Taking a reactive approach to maintaining your IT networks is simply too costly in too many ways: lost productivity, dissatisfied customers, and enormous repair costs. Our managed IT services are the smart, cost-effective alternative.

Cyber Security

Based on U.S’ National Cyber Security Alliance found that 60% of small companies are unable to withstand their businesses over six months after a cyber-attack. Rendering by the Ponemon Institute, it costs about $690,000 for small businesses to clean up after a hacked the number is much greater for middle market businesses, it is over $1 million.

Data Backup and Recovery

Having the right backup solution is the key to great business continuity and protection for your business. Think about you don’t leave your business door open when you are not there, or even you may have insurance coverage on your business. But what kind of insurance do you have for your data?

Cloud Services

Every thriving business requires robust Cloud IT services and support. Companies have discovered that with its inherent elasticity and scalability cloud technology makes it conceivable to power your applications, file-sharing, and the flexibility to running a modern business. DW Technology Solutions’ Cloud Services allow companies to move their workloads to a secure and reliable platform where they can be easily scalable as your business grows. 

Website Design / Development

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial startup looking for a simple but intuitive website that can introduce your business to the corporate world or you’re an established firm ready to develop a website that become your online identity, we can use our coding skills and our creative muscle to develop a website that truly portrays your identity and grabs your visitors’ attention at the first sight.